Martial arts dojo to reopen classes amid pandemic

Rick Pridmore and Jack Alexander Bujinkan Ely Ninjutsu Dojo

Rick Pridmore (right), head instructor at Bujinkan Ely Ninjutsu Dojo, with nephew Jack Alexander who has received his 1st Dan black belt. - Credit: Supplied/Rick Pridmore

A martial arts dojo which ran sessions during the Covid-19 pandemic last year is reopening a children’s class. 

Head instructor Rick Pridmore will be running junior ninjutsu classes at the Bujinkan Ninjutsu Ely Dojo from next week. 

He said: “Our junior training programme is adapted to benefit young students mentally and physically and develop their growth in discipline, health, fitness, confidence, knowledge and self-protection on many levels.” 

Rick, who ran socially distant sessions last summer, will run junior classes at the dojo at Centre E on Barton Road for seven to 11-year-olds. 

Juniors will be able to learn about ninjutsu, an ancient warrior traditional style art, as well as develop self-defence techniques and take part in ‘ninja’ games, such as escape. 

Sessions start on September 16 and will run every Thursday evening from 6-7pm. First lesson is free and cost £5 thereafter. 

For more details, visit the Bujinkan Ninjutsu Ely Dojo Facebook page or visit: