Ely Market Place redevelopment plans met with mixed reaction at public consultation

Public consultation, by Rannerlow Limited, of 1960's style offices on Ely Market Square.

Public consultation, by Rannerlow Limited, of 1960's style offices on Ely Market Square. - Credit: Archant

A new proposal for the redevelopment of the 1960’s retail block in Ely’s Market Place has been met with mixed reaction from residents of the city.

Local people were given an opportunity to air their views on local company Rannerlow Ltd’s plans for the building yesterday (Thursday February 25) at one of two public consultations being held at Ely Cathedral Conference Centre.

Technical illustrator Eric Gee’s drawings of the proposed redevelopment were presented to residents by property manager James Bateson – with some more impressed than others.

One resident said: “I despair. What is needed is a top-notch architect. Yes, it is less awful than the last proposal, but that’s not saying much. It doesn’t fit in with the existing surroundings – please don’t do it!”

However, not all feedback was quite so negative. Another resident said: “It looks amazing; much better than what it looks like now. It makes you say ‘wow,’ and we need more ‘wow’ in Ely.”

Eric Gee, who has worked in Ely for 30 years, says that his plans are a vast improvement on the current look of the Market Square.

He told BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: “There are a lot of people not too happy about the plans but I really don’t like what it looks like at the moment.

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I don’t know how they got permission in the 1960s to knock down the buildings that were there. I don’t know how they got away with that one!”

Rannerlow Ltd say they “remain excited by the opportunity of changing the existing building into something the City can be proud of.”

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