Litter picker pleasantly surprised to be thanked by teens

A group of teenagers thanked Ely litter picker Brian Calvert for his rubbish-removing efforts.

A group of teenagers thanked Ely litter picker Brian Calvert for his rubbish-removing efforts. - Credit: BRIAN CALVERT

An Ely man was pleasantly surprised when teenagers commended and helped his litter picking efforts.

Brian Calvert was out in the St John’s Park area, where he litter picks three or four times per week, when he was approached by a group of teenagers.

However, rather than being verbally abused as he says has happened previously, they thanked him for removing the rubbish.

Ely litter picker Brian Calvert was thanked by teenagers for his rubbish-removing efforts.

Ely litter picker Brian Calvert had a surprisingly pleasant experience when teenagers came over to commend him for his rubbish-removing efforts. - Credit: BRIAN CALVERT

Brian said: “Over the last year, I’ve had teens swear and laugh at me.

“One time they kicked a football full pelt across the field narrowly missing me.

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“I’ve seen them trying to set fires under football nets, ripping gutters off the scout hut, boys climbing 10 foot in the air on the roof of the scout hut and generally a lot of destructive behaviour.”

FWD-IP team with Ely Litter Picker Brian Calvert

In June, Witchford-based FWD-IP offered to buy 20 bin bag hoops for the Ely Litter Pickers group. Brian Calvert is pictured with two of the company team. - Credit: BRIAN CALVERT

On Monday, however, he said “the old teens smoking in the bushes saw me coming with my picker and as I approached they collected all the litter out of the hedges and left around them”.

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They then walked over to Brian and thanked him before putting the rubbish in his bag.

“We then bid each other good evening.”

He added that, last month, one of the group who had kicked the football at him shouted “good on you mate, well done” after Brian made conversation and complimented his dog.

“The skate park is still left a mess every day,” Brian added.

“But maybe I’m slowly winning my personal silent war!”

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