How 'child of achievement' Ely Hero award is more than battling the odds

James Homent with child of achievement Ely Hero Award 2021

James Homent won the 'child of achievement' Ely Hero award in 2021 having come up with the idea of making Ely College an eco-school. - Credit: Ely Hero Awards

For any child under 16-years-old, if they have overcome the odds or can show exceptional achievement, they are in with a shot of an Ely Hero award. 

Nominees for this year’s ‘child of achievement’ award may even be battling an illness or a traumatic experience. 

“The nominee may have excelled academically, achieved great sporting success, raised money for a good cause, or been a great support to someone with an illness,” judges said. 

“This child is a true inspiration and touches the hearts of those around them.” 

Children who show courage and bravery having gone through or going through illness/disability can also be nominated for The Jay Davison Child of Achievement Award

Jay, who won the ‘child of achievement’ Ely Hero category in 2018, died aged eight after fighting medulloblastoma – a form of cancerous brain tumours – for just over three years. 

Nominations close on July 31 - to nominate, visit: