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The Ely Grumpster

The Ely Grumpster - Credit: Archant

• This week, I have opted for a “one good, one bad” reflection of the week gone by.

For the latter, I considered a shortlist of 2. Just ahead of the moronic drunk who wakes the street up at midnight every Friday, was the cricket experience of last Thursday. Good? First and only Festival trip of 2018.

• So cricket. By way of background, I support Kent. This is possibly the worst option imaginable.

Unlike the rich pampered test ground sides like Middlesex or Surrey, or those at the other end of the spectrum who will never win a sausage, Kent actually do quite well in the league and knock out tournaments, only to crash and burn at the worst possible moment.

• Lost yet another 50 over final in June after our heroes batted, bowled and fielded like a bunch of sloths on diazepam. Still, after a solid group stage, we had a home quarter final in the T20 bash, against Lancashire.

Decided to attend with Crusher.

It would have been quicker and more pleasant to have swum the channel, assailed by psychopathic jellyfish than travel from London Cannon Street to Canterbury on the train, but my mood lifted as Crusher and I walked into the St Lawrence Ground and availed ourselves of a dysentery burger and a pint of cider.

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• Well that’s where the fun ended. The sloths decided this was the night to throw away another opportunity. A farcical run out second ball marked the beginning of this latest horror story.

Too few toilets, bars closing early and a terrible journey back home added to the misery. Once again, thank you Kent.

• On a far more positive note, Doris and I and a couple of friends attended the Greenbelt Festival last Saturday. Great talks, quality music and bars that unlike at Kent, didn’t close half way through. Caught up with old friends and feasted on curry.

• Several showers of almost biblical proportions rolled in throughout the day, but always when we were sitting inside a tent. Our day closed watching a London-based African fusion band of jaw-dropping quality, vibrant colour and un-restrained exuberance.

So good, they kept me out of the bar. What a great day, and a Bank Holiday to follow. As for Kent, well there is still promotion to go for. Come on Spitfires.