Two long-lost friends reconnect after 10 years to create their dream performing arts academy


Two best friends from Ely – who lost contact for 10 years – have reconnected to create the dance academy of their dreams.


Kathryn Edkins and her best friend Katie run Expressions Academy together after they were separated when leaving school and becoming adults.

Expressions Academy offers young people the opportunity to perform at festivals, competitions, musicals and dance shows all across the UK.

Kathryn first met Katie around 28 years ago when trying out ballet dancing for the first time - they quickly became the best of friends.

The young dancing duo planned their lives together, dreaming of living next door to one and other and creating a performing arts school just like the one they attended.


But as they both began their adult lives, education, work and children all took over and the two parted ways and both lost contact entirely.

After 10 years, Kathryn managed to track down Katie via a post on social media after a few years of trying to trace her down online.

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The two exchanged messages and realised after all this time separated, they had lived just seven minutes away from each other in Ely.

Kathryn said: "Within minutes we decided, this was it. The time is right to make our dream come true!

"After Kathryn set up just a few classes a week on her own a year ago, Expressions Academy of Performing Arts, is here, making dreams done true.

"Expressions Academy is established with a desire to pass on the joy and passion of dance and performing arts to children and adults of today.

"We pride ourselves on learning through imagination, love and technique to help all students grow in confidence, build friendships and excel; being the best they can be."

Kathryn and Katie are holding an open day at Wilburton Village Hall on Saturday, January 11 for anyone thinking about joining or exploring the arts.

Speaking of losing touch with Katie, Kathryn added: "Due to the sheer hard work and determination of both of us during training, working various jobs to keep a roof over our heads and pushing to gain teaching qualifications at the same time, we unfortunately lost touch and out friendship was to blossom no more.

"I'd often thought about Katie, where was she, what was she doing? Had she created our dream with someone else or alone perhaps?

"After ten years of Katie being untraceable, up popped her face on a Facebook post. I fought hard to track Katie down for a couple of weeks due to Katie not having social media.

"When I eventually got In touch, I couldn't believe for ten years we have lived just seven minutes away from one another in Ely."

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