Racing driver Daisy's bid to shine in Formula Woman series

Daisy Martin from Ely launches Formula Woman bid

Daisy Martin is aiming to become one of six finalists to drive a McLaren GT4 race car as part of the Formula Woman series. - Credit: Daisy Martin

An aspiring racing driver believes applying for the chance to get involved in motorsport has opened her eyes to more opportunities within the sector. 

Daisy Martin applied for a spot in the Formula Woman racing series in January this year, which aims to encourage novice female drivers into motorsport. 

Daisy, of Ely, has been interested in becoming a racing driver since getting her first moped at 16 years-old, before she started following the sport. 

“Then I went to ride a motorcycle from 18 and realised there was this other world I loved and much more,” she said. 

“The interest in this came when I started motorcycling. I work in the motor trade and there are still not many women working in it.  

“I saw Formula Woman come up and it’s more than an opportunity to get more women into that industry.” 

Daisy, who works as a services and parts adviser at a motorcycle dealership, is aiming to become one of six candidates to drive in a McLaren GT4 race car at next year’s GT Cup Championship. 

Daisy Martin from Ely ready to ride ahead of the Formula Woman series

Daisy Martin first applied to take part in the Formula Woman series earlier this year, which aims to encourage novice female drivers into motorsport. - Credit: Daisy Martin

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The 24-year-old is hoping to become one of 16 finalists to progress after her on-track assessment this autumn, where she will develop skills such as steering and alignment. 

But even if she is not successful, Daisy hopes Formula Woman will benefit not just her but other women, too. 

“I liked the fact there were not many women in it, which made this more special,” she said. 

“I’ve never raced before, but Formula Woman has opened my eyes to other opportunities in the industry as it’s not easy to know exactly what else is available. 

Daisy Martin from Ely with her Kia Picanto car

Daisy Martin from Ely said she has never raced before and grew an interest in motorsport since she got her first moped aged 16 years-old. - Credit: Daisy Martin

“One of the things I liked about the process is you are guaranteed a chance to go on the track where in other schemes, you might get a straight ‘no’, so it’s a great opportunity.  

“It would be incredible to prove women that are interested can try it out and to show if you really push, you can do these things.” 

Formula Woman was launched in 2004 by entrepreneur Graeme Glew and in its inaugural season, had attracted around 10,000 applicants. 

After a group of thousands was reduced to 16, Natasha Firman from Norfolk became the first Formula Woman champion. 

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