Letter: Who's been pinching my dog biscuits?

Jackie and Peter Smith's cockapoo Maisie enjoying some dog biscuits from Sue Farrow's treat box outside her home.

Jackie and Peter Smith's cockapoo Maisie enjoying some dog biscuits from Sue Farrow's treat box outside her home. - Credit: SUE FARROW

For over two years I have been providing many dogs a bowl of water and a dog biscuit or two on their walk past my flat on spring and summer seasons.

I have had lots of happy pooches and their owners that look forward to their biscuit and water stop outside my flat.

Jackie and Peter Smith from Ely recently got a Cockapoo and named her Maisie. They come past everyday with her.

Maisie is six-months-old now. When she was very very young she had her first treat from my box.

I received a card from Jackie and Peter to say 'thank you' which was from Maisie herself.

This really did bring a tear to my eye. I love little Maisie and I am going to get a cockapoo next year.

Only until recently, I noticed the dog biscuits were going down very quickly in one day - in fact too quickly. 

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I spotted on my camera a mother and daughter filling up their lunchboxes with my dog biscuits.

This was happening in the late morning while I was not home and again in the late evening. 

I had to keep buying boxes of biscuits every day. I shouldn't have to do this. I normally buy a box a week.

After receiving that thoughtful card from Maisie and reading that it was her first doggy biscuit, I didn't want to stop putting out the biscuits next spring just because of them being stolen.

It's unfair on the other dogs and the owners. 

If anyone sees these people taking the dog biscuits from my box at any time of day and filling their lunchbox, please inform me or try to stop them. 

They are being filmed on camera. Thank you to everyone who waves and says thank you at my camera - I do see you all .

Much appreciated.  

Sue Farrow