Ely crime novelist “delighted” at becoming charity patron

ELY-based charity EARTH has announced its new patron will be local crime writer Jim Kelly.

EARTH, a horticultural charity based at Larkfields, in High Barns, provides work for people with severe learning difficulties, teenagers with learning difficulties, and work experience for young people.

It is open three days a week and the staff and volunteers work with visitors in the greenhouses and other facilities on the site.

Ely crime novelist Jim, whose book The Water Clock, was nominated for the John Creasey Award, also keeps an allotment near Deacon’s Lane in the city and was recently approached by the charity to become a patron.

He said: “I was delighted - but astonished - to be asked to be the patron of EARTH. I think someone spotted that I have an allotment off Deacon’s Lane and perhaps thought I knew something about horticulture.

“I hope that in a small way I can help raise the profile of one of our most successful charities. There is no doubt that many people with difficulties have been helped greatly by their involvement with EARTH, especially in their self-esteem and their social skills.

“A small improvement for one person can be a considerable step for someone with a lower level of achievement and expectation.”

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EARTH chairman Vicky Hearne-Casapieri added: “We see Jim as a prominent and well-known person who can help us in our on-going efforts to raise the profile of EARTH so that more people will know what we do, and understand the services that we offer the community.”

For more information, visit www.earthely.co.uk.