Ely couple celebrate first birthday of their IVF ‘miracle’

Birthday cake for Thimath with parents Prasad and Krishani.

Birthday cake for Thimath with parents Prasad and Krishani. - Credit: Archant

A couple from Ely celebrated the first birthday of their ‘IVF miracle’ son who was conceived after 14 years of trying for a baby.

Thimath Nanayakkara celebrates his first birthday with parents Prasad (left) and Krishani (right)

Thimath Nanayakkara celebrates his first birthday with parents Prasad (left) and Krishani (right) - Credit: Archant

Krishani Senavirathna and her husband Prasad Nanayakkara held a big party on October 21 for little Thimath, who was born last year following fertility treatment at Bourn Hall Clinic in Cambridge.

Speaking as part of Fertility Awareness Week - which runs from today (October 29) to Sunday (November 4) - Krishani, now aged 39, has encouraged others to get advice as early as possible if they are struggling to conceive.

“Our son is a miracle to us. He is our little prince,” said Krishani.

“We first started trying for a child as soon as we got married when I was 24.

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“There is so much that can be done to help people struggling to get pregnant and I would advise anyone struggling to conceive not to be embarrassed and to seek help.”

Krishani sought medical advice and was prescribed an ovulation induction drug and advised to lose weight.

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In 2007 Krishani and Prasad moved from their native Sri Lanka to the UK so that Prasad could study for a Masters at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. Krishani said: “I was put on metformin to regulate the amount of sugar in my blood and supervised by a dietician who was really supportive.

“I also joined a gym.”

Her new regime worked and within six months she had lost two stone.

However, hospital tests also revealed that both of her ovaries were polycystic and the couple were told that their best chance of conceiving was with IVF. “We were thrilled to be told that IVF might help us because we finally felt as though something might happen,” Krishani added.

The couple went to Bourn Hall Clinicand their second cycle of treatment was successful.

“I couldn’t believe it when I finally got pregnant.

“We had been married for 14 years and I kept saying to my husband ‘am I dreaming?’ I had a drawer full of pregnancy sticks and kept doing the test again to make sure.”

During Fertility Awareness Week Bourn Hall is holding a free Fertility Fayre at its Cambridge Clinic on Saturday November 3.

For more information visit: www.bournhall.co.uk/news-events/fertility-fayre/

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