Ely company launches innovative weather station which sends live updates to your smart phone

The connect weather station

The connect weather station - Credit: Archant

AN Ely company has launched a new weather station it claims can deliver up-to-the-minute updates to your phone or computer.

Prodata Weather Systems, which has offices in Egremont Street, sells a range of weather stations to businesses and organisations that need to monitor local weather conditions and to individual enthusiasts interested in weather and weather patterns.

This week, the company announced the arrival of the Davis Vantage Connect, an all new weather station which will send real-time weather updates to internet-connected devices such as a smartphones or computers.

Dr John Dann, managing director of the company said: “The vantage connect can be located at any site and relays live weather and environmental data via the mobile phone network to a central web server, so allowing in-depth field and site conditions to be viewed in detail on PC and smartphone screens from any location worldwide.

“We believe the connect will be invaluable to those who need up-to-the-minute weather data to help their operations. We include agriculture and horticulture, racecourses, sports pitches, golf clubs, sailing clubs, parachuting and gliding clubs, small airfields, construction sites and schools as our main client bases.”