Ely College’s brightest invited to join Mensa

A NEW batch of Ely College students have been invited to join Mensa, following a series of tests at the end of last term.

The pupils - Lucy Hodges, George Leonard, Madeleine Rose and William Cutforth from Year 8, and Aiden Brown and Chandler Stamford from Year 9 - are all part of the college’s Gifted & Talented scheme, which supports the development of particularly able children

The success of these students comes after the admission of brothers Thomas and Edward Frodsham in May, and the 100 per cent A*-C pass rate (including English and maths) for the college’s Gifted and Talented students in this year’s GCSE results.

Jamie Waters, a geography teacher who is also Ely College’s Gifted & Talented coordinator, said: “Membership of Mensa is offered to anyone achieving a score of 148 or more in the Cattell B verbal reasoning test, a phenomenal achievement which puts them in the top two per cent of the population against a mean national IQ score of 100.

Mark Stamford and Christine Duncan, parents of Chandler, one of the highest scoring students in the College’s history, said: “We are very proud of Chandler’s achievement. As parents it is reassuring that Ely College has identified pupils that it thinks have the aptitude to undertake such a rigorous test.”