Ely City coach excited to return ahead of charity cup farewell

Ely City FC under 18s 2019

Ely City Football Club's under 18s team which won the first Unwin Trophy charity cup match in 2019. - Credit: Ely City Football Club

A youth coach at Ely City Football Club said he is excited to reunite with his team one last time at their second annual charity match. 

Ross Elliott, head coach of the Robins’ under 18 team, will leave his role after the team play Lakenheath Under 18s at the Demcom Stadium in the second Unwin Trophy contest on Tuesday, May 18. 

He said: “We’ve got nine to 10 lads who will be too old for under 18s next year, so this is their farewell game, too. 

“It will be great and getting the squad together one last time will be good.” 

Ex-Ely City player Sam Goodge

The second Unwin Trophy match will aim to raise funds for brain charity Headway, which supported ex-Ely City player Sam Goodge (pictured) after he suffered a brain injury. - Credit: Sam Goodge

The annual event, which did not take place last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, raised £560 for the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity in its first outing in 2019

This year, it will raise funds for brain charity Headway, which has supported ex-Ely City player Sam Goodge after he suffered a head injury two years ago

Elliott, who has coached the under 18 team since 2017, said: “Around three to five lads have played in the first-team since I’ve been at the club, so I’ve helped them get on the ladder at non-league level. 

“During lockdown, the club has gone to great lengths to improve facilities like new fencing, so it will be good for everyone to get there and see familiar faces.” 

To donate, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/elycity.