Ely Cathedral receives grant to pay for ‘urgent’ Lantern Tower repairs

Ely Cathedral has received funding to pay for “urgent” repairs to its “seriously damaged” Lantern Tower, which has caused internal leaks and erosion.

The historic building is one of 445 heritage organisations across the country who will share £103 million to help restart reconstruction work and maintenance on heritage sites.

The cash boost is part of the government’s £1.57 billion culture recovery fund to help them through the coronavirus pandemic.

An Ely Cathedral spokesman said: “Ely’s famous Lantern (Octagon) Tower was recently found to have serious damage to the lead roof cladding, which, in some areas, had completely corroded exposing the underlying timber structure.

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“This led to serious leaks and internal erosion directly to the area underneath which included the principal altar and Octagon floor – both of which had to be kept covered to protect them from rainwater leaking through the roof.”