Ely Cathedral hosts an event about post Brexit Britain

Ely for Europe event at Ely Cathedral

Ely for Europe event at Ely Cathedral - Credit: Archant

An event about post Brexit Britain was held at Ely Cathedral.

Ely for Europe, is the local non-party group campaigning for best possible outcomes post referendum.

One of its key messages is the right to remain for EU nationals living in the UK.

Virginie Ganivet, co-chair, said: “The event was very well attended, by locals and people from further afield. There was a significant number of non-UK EU nationals living in the area, who all raised the same concerns.

“Many, like myself, have decided not to apply for permanent residency, and are still unsure whether to apply for settled status when it becomes possible.

“Some have been told to “go home”. Some have made firm plans to leave after years of contributing to the local community.

“We’ve all been told you will be fine, don’t you worry. But the truth is most of us are very worried indeed.”

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She added: “There are over 1,000 non-UK EU citizens living in Ely and significant numbers in surrounding villages.

“Almost every EU country is represented. Many are long-term settled residents, with partners and families, who have chosen to build their lives here.

“Contrary to some reporting on the December agreement with the EU, issues around the rights of non-UK citizens in the UK and UK citizens living in the EU have not been resolved satisfactorily. Many non-UK EU citizens are considering leaving, or have already left the country due to continuing uncertainty.”

Speaking at the event were Anne-Laure Donskoy, a French citizen, and founding member of the3million, Dr Egle Dagilyte, a Lithuanian citizen who lectures in Law at Anglia Ruskin University and Liesbeth Ten Ham, a Dutch citizen and the Amnesty International representative for East Anglia.