Ely Business awards magician wins country’s top Magic Circle award

Matthew Le Mottee has earned the most prestigious magic title in the world 'The Magic Circle's Close

Matthew Le Mottee has earned the most prestigious magic title in the world 'The Magic Circle's Close-Up Magician of the Year 2017!' - Credit: Archant

A street style entertainer who wowed the audience at the Ely Standard business awards night has been named the Magic Circle’s close-up magician of the year 2017.

Matthew Le Mottee has earned what is deemed one of the most prestigious magic titles in the world.

A qualified sport therapist, gave it up seven years ago to become a full time magician, and was key entertainer at guests’ tables when the business awards were held at Ely Cathedral in October.

He said: “It was an incredible moment and my heart was beating so hard.

“Over twenty years of practice and hard work condensed down to just seven minutes, it has been an incredible journey and worth every second.

“It’s an honour to have won, definitely the highlight of my career so far!”

The fiercely-fought competition is open to members of the world-famous Magic Circle and is held each year at the club’s top-secret headquarters in London.

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From dozens of entries, eight of the country’s top magicians are selected to battle it out in front of a panel of beady-eyed judges.

The magicians have to present their best work with a strict time limit of eight minutes per performer.

The judges include expert magicians who give marks on skill and originality, and non-magicians who give marks for entertainment.

Matthew unanimously ‘wowed’ the judges to earn his place as UK Magic Champion, making him one of the youngest ever recipients of the title at 27.

Matthew, who is based in Cambridge, said: “Magic is my passion, I have experienced truly unique reactions and incredible emotional responses to what I do, from screams of surprise and gasps of disbelief to awe induce silence and tears of joy.

“Each time I perform my goal is to create a one of a kind experience not available anywhere else.

The Magic Circle president said: “This year’s competition showcased a range of magic and performance styles nad our winner proved that hard work and dedication to teh art pays off.

“I wish him the very best of luck pursuing his professional magic creer.”