Elementary my dear Watson: Super sleuths in training at St Mary’s School in Ely

BUDDING secret agents have been put through their paces at St Mary’s Junior School in Ely, as they follow clues and report their findings to staff and other pupils.

Since the children of year 3 enrolled in school last month, they have been honing their skills of observation, teamwork and solving puzzles.

Year 3 team leader Josh Lury said: “The children have been working hard on our topic of secret agents. They had to apply in writing to the Head, Agent James Hickish, they persuaded him of their secret agent skills, and they are now ready to take on some missions.”

This week the children were whisked from assembly to their first mystery. Early in the morning, the school caretaker discovered what appeared to be a trail of lily pads outside their classrooms, and the budding sleuths were called in to inspect the scene, and to assist Inspector Norse in her investigation.

Mr Lury added: “They have interviewed witnesses and explained their conspiracy theories to the Inspector. Many questions remain unanswered. The children will hopefully uncover more clues over the next few weeks, and report their findings.

“They will be holding a press conference and using the school radio station. The mystery continues…WATCH THIS SPACE!”