Elections Hopefuls Talk To The Ely Standard To Secure Your Vote

WITH the most closely contested General Election in decades expected to go down to the last vote tonight (Thursday) the Ely Standard handed the election hopefuls in North and South East Cambridgeshire a final chance to secure your all-important vote. S

WITH the most closely contested General Election in decades expected to go down to the last vote tonight (Thursday) the Ely Standard handed the election hopefuls in North and South East Cambridgeshire a final chance to secure your all-important vote.

South East Cambridgeshire

Andy Monk (UKIP)

"UKIP want to give power back to the people that count, you the local people. I promise to fight for tough action on crime, clean locally-run hospitals and end unregulated mass immigration.

I will be a constituency MP with no second home, commuting daily to Westminster to give the people of South-East Cambridgeshire a real voice in Parliament. If you want real change from the failed old three parties who won't represent you, just their parties, make the right choice and vote for me Andy Monk on Thursday 6th May and change the face of British politics."

Geoffrey Woollard (Independent)

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"AS the Independent, I expect to come first or second. This expectation is based on the results of canvassing and meetings and the reactions of people to that canvassing and at those meetings. People are disillusioned and distrustful of all party politicians. The people feel let down. The people are also worried about the economy; immigration; the dreadful death toll of 'our boys' in Afghanistan (now 284, for what?); the future of our food-producing Cambridgeshire Fens; and the Conservatives' plan to repeal the Hunting Act 2004. Repeal will bring back so-called 'sports' as hare coursing: over my dead body, I say."

James Paice (Conservative)

This Election day you have an important choice to make both locally and nationally. I hope that you will feel able to support me as your local MP based on my record, and that you will allow me to continue the work which I have been so proud to have begun. But more importantly I hope that you will elect me so that I can represent you as part of a Conservative Government. There is no doubt that people want to see a change on Friday morning and I believe that the change we need is the decisive change of a Conservative Government and not a compromised coalition cobbled together in the back rooms of Parliament."

Daniel Bell (Christian Peoples Alliance)

"With so many of the electorate disillusioned with politics, the Christian Peoples Alliance are offering a positive choice, to vote for a party based on principles of justice, compassion and equality. Our democracy has its roots in these Christian values, yet they are being disregarded by the mainstream parties. Our manifesto policies aim to support marriage, end debt based growth and deliver greater social equality. A vote for the CPA, is a statement that our Christian heritage and values should be preserved. It is a positive choice. A vote for life, freedom of conscience and promotion of the common good."

Jonathan Chatfield (Liberal Democrats)

This election is about fairness and change. Fair taxes - no income tax on the first �10,000 you earn. Fair start for our children - �2.5bn to help cut class sizes.

A fair future - rebalanced, green economy. Fair political reform - giving power back to local communities.

The Liberal Democrats are the clear challengers to the Conservatives in SE Cambs. We came a strong second at the last election and now the Labour candidate has been suspended, many people are moving to the Liberal Democrats. I look forward to becoming the hard working and effective MP for our area."

Simon Sedgwick-Jell (Green Party)

"This year more than three hundred Green candidates will contest a UK general election. And for the first time ever, leading pollsters are predicting a Green Party breakthrough.

The Green Party's manifesto 'Fair is worth fighting for' will challenge the consensus among the big three parties that spending cuts are necessary. The Greens will be offering an investment package for massive job-creation to see off the recession once and for all, and we will show how to pay for it. We'll also show how to protect and improve the NHS, and how to give British pensioners the best deal on offer."

North East Cambridgeshire

Robin Talbot (UKIP)

"We mean business. The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is poised now, to protect the traditional lifestyles of Englishmen and Englishwoman, in the shires and in the cities and in the towns of our country. Having been out and about in the county, I hear on the streets, that the people of this area should be free to make their own laws. We should be a free people, with our own right to do as we think best for our own country, not just be the subjects of vast unwieldy bureaucracy operated mostly by foreigners. We are very much in favour of limiting mass immigration.

Your vote is vital. Your UKIP man is local, with local interests at heart. Please vote on Thursday. Make your choice then, and see the difference."

Peter Roberts (Labour)

"I will fight to protect frontline services from cuts and will offer five surgeries weekly up and down the seat so you can meet me face-to-face about your issues; it will be the first time you've had an MP actively seeking casework. I'm also standing for honesty and integrity to be restored to our local politics. If elected I will donate 25% of my salary to local grassroots community projects, and I will claim no personal expenses. Our next MP should lead by example and show contrition, so if you give me your vote that is what I will do."

Lorna Spenceley (Liberal Democrats)

"This Thursday, you can shape our future for the better. We've had 65 years of Labour and Conservatives taking turns, letting us down. Liberal Democrats are different. On the big decisions - the banks, the environment, war in Iraq - we're the only party that called it right, every time.

Only we will make Britain fairer. Shake up taxes - �700 back to low and middle-income families, the wealthy paying their fair share. Break up the banks. Create a sustainable economy, jobs that last. Invest in schools - a fair start for every child. Sort out our rotten political system. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance."

Steve Barclay (Conservative)

Only the Conservatives can guarantee the change of Government our country needs. If not, we face a hung parliament with five more years of Gordon Brown supported by the Liberal Democrats.

A Conservative vote will, stop Labour's national insurance rise for 7 out of 10 workers, increase spending on the NHS, deliver tighter immigration controls - not a Lib Dem amnesty, give power to head teachers over discipline and give more choice to parents, help pensioners by returning the state pension link to earnings rather than inflation and protect free bus passes, the winter fuel allowance, and free swimming."

Debra Jordan (Independent)

"To all Constituents: this election has caused a heightened sense of awareness. Although the expenses scandal was abhorrent, it has provoked the electorate to take more interest in the workings of Westminster - good for democracy. Whatever happens - whomever you vote for - please use your vote."

Also standing in the constituency are Susan Clapp for the British National Party and Graham Murphy for the English Democrats.