Elections 2010: South East Cambridgeshire

South East Cambridgeshire James Paice (Conservative) I AM seeking re-election as the MP for South East Cambridgeshire because I wish to continue to represent this constituency which is my home where I have lived, worked and raised a family. Whether it i

South East Cambridgeshire

James Paice (Conservative)

I AM seeking re-election as the MP for South East Cambridgeshire because I wish to continue to represent this constituency which is my home where I have lived, worked and raised a family.

Whether it is campaigning for a southern by-pass or helping somebody with a benefits problem I have always tried to do my best for my constituents. After the scandal over MPs expenses my personal integrity has not been challenged.

I believe in local communities and want to see less interference by Government in our daily lives. Contrary to our present Government's beliefs, central Government cannot and should not do everything, but instead power should be handed back to local councils and local people. I want to see house building responding to local need not Government targets; I want to see local councils able to keep extra council tax revenue and invest it in the local area; and I want to see schools and hospitals freed up from Government red-tape.

This country is crying out for real change and only the Conservative party can provide that change. I sincerely hope that you will feel able to support me on 6 May and allow me to continue the work that I have begun.

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John Cowan (Labour)

JOHN Cowan, 35, is Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for South East Cambridgeshire he has been active in political life for many years and has been a local councillor since 1996.

John has held several senior roles within the Labour Party and was the Agent for the Party in Norfolk for the 2007 and 2009 Local Elections he also served for three years on the Labour East Regional Board.

He lists his interests as canoeing, photography, modern art and getting fit.

John is committed to fighting poverty and opposed to the Tory plans to close Sure Start Centre's like the Ely Children's centre.

It's his belief that the key to Britain's future lies with recapturing the Victorian Spirit of enterprise, innovation and a passion to engineer solutions for the future.

He has also travelled throughout mainland Europe, Canada, USA and Mexico and following spending time with the Native American community in Khanwake near Montreal converted to paganism.

Reform of the democratic system is something he is seeking to play a part in supporting measures such as reducing the voting age to 16, having a fully Elected second chamber replacing the House of Lords, fixed term parliaments and a look at relocating the Houses of Parliament from London to a more Central UK venue such as Birmingham or Manchester.

Andy Monk (UKIP)

I AM Andy Monk, the UKIP Parliamentary candidate for South-East Cambridgeshire. I am 43 years old and live in Bury, Ramsey. I am currently in the process of setting up a catering business and have previously worked in financial services and healthcare.

UKIP gives people a real choice away from the traditional parties. We are the only party talking common sense and listening to what the people of the UK want.

Our education policy proposes student grants not student loans. Our schools should reflect pupil's ability whether they are academic minded or would benefit from a skills based education.

We would make our hospitals clean again with a return of matrons and locally run hospitals to cut the bureaucracy and waste that is so prevalent within the NHS.

Geoffrey Woollard (Independent)

GEOFFREY Woollard, independent candidate for South East Cambridgeshire, was born at Chalk Farm, Bottisham, in 1938.

Geoffrey was educated at Bottisham, Newmarket and Bury St. Edmunds and worked for his father until 1968, when he took over the family farming business.

Geoffrey is married to Sue (n�e Day). He and Sue will have been married for 48 years on April 21. They have two children and two adult grandchildren.

Geoffrey and Sue sold the principal family farms in 1994 and 1995 and moved in 1995 to Chapel Farm, near Upware, Ely.

Geoffrey is a member of Swaffham Prior Parish Council and the Swaffham Internal Drainage Board.

Geoffrey's main aims are saving the Fens from being ruined by the National Trust, stopping fox hunting and hare coursing being 'unbanned,' and bringing 'our boys' back from Afghanistan.

Geoffrey says the best result at this election would be a hung Parliament. That would compel co-operation between parties so that extremists' ideas are excluded and so that tough decisions have wide support.

With Geoffrey they know that there is no party political line to be toed: he is his own man and independent."

Simon Sedgwick-Jell (Green Party)

SIMON a Cambridgeshire county councillor, is part of the Green Party's biggest ever campaign for a UK general election. The party is fielding a record number of candidates, with a real chance of a Westminster breakthrough.

Simon said: "This year more than three hundred Green candidates will contest a UK general election. And for the first time ever, leading pollsters are predicting a Green Party breakthrough."

The Greens are putting the finishing touches on a fully-costed manifesto under the campaign slogan 'Fair is worth fighting for'

Simon concluded: "The Green Party's manifesto 'Fair is worth fighting for' will challenge the consensus among the big three parties that spending cuts are necessary. The Greens will be offering an investment package for massive job-creation to see off the recession once and for all, and we will show how to pay for it. We'll also show how to protect and improve the NHS, and how to give British pensioners the best deal on offer."

Simon has lived in Cambridgeshire for over 30 years. He is a former lecturer at Anglia Polytechnic University in history. From 1990-1994 he led Cambridge City Council. Shortly after he stood down from the council he left the Labour party sighting their shift to the right.

Jonathan Chatfield (Liberal Democrat)

JONATHAN, 39, lives in the heart of the South East Cambridgeshire constituency in the village of Impington.

He is married to Doris, who is a research nurse at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and they have a young son called Samuel.

Jonathan is a commercial manager in the rail industry and has held several posts within his career, including station manager at Cambridge. He is currently with Network Rail working on major investment projects in the London area.

Jonathan studied economics, politics and history at the University of Bradford. Upon graduating he became the first-ever Liberal Democrat to be elected president of the University Students' Union.

Jonathan was elected as a councillor on South Cambridgeshire District Council in 2002 and has been re-elected twice, each time with an increased majority. He has also been a parish councillor on Histon Parish Council for five years. In recent years, Jonathan has organised local campaigns on Axe the Tax, door-step recycling, improvements to local bus services, reductions in traffic speed limits and many other issues. These campaigns have included petitions, High Street stalls, letter writing and local media involvement.

In his spare time Jonathan is actively involved in his local village church and he and his wife also enjoy cycling, coastal and hill walking - accompanied by their cocker spaniel Mostyn.

Daniel Bell (Christian Peoples Alliance)

DANIEL Bell, 41, is a Chartered Chemist and has worked in industry for more than 20 years. As a senior manager in a Cambridgeshire company, he wants to see a highly skilled workforce able to face the challenges of international competition. Beginning in schools, he is convinced the study of science and scientific enquiry to be fundamental to the future well being of industry, health and the environment. He argues that localised business hubs, that have seen East Anglia become a leading region for advanced technology businesses, should be a model for growth further afield.Daniel has lived in the Cambridgeshire village of Isleham for the past 10 years with his wife and three children, where he attends High Street Church. He is a long-term supporter of the local Christian Youth charity. For a number of years Daniel has supported and been involved with fund-raising for the local Youth for Christ centre and has been a volunteer helper for the organisation.

As MP, Daniel will argue for a new approach to re-skilling the economy by ensuring that every young person, regardless of academic aptitude, has the opportunity to be recognised for the talents they can bring.

He says: "The government's aspiration for 50 per cent of school leavers to enter higher education has damaged academic standards, and frustrated many students who would have been far more successful learning a trade or other vocational career pathways. The principle of day-release and apprenticeship is sound, but there has been little incentive for either large or small and medium enterprises to invest in their workforce. In place of apprenticeships have come a variety of short-term programmes, with associated training too superficial to be of benefit to employers. Quick fixes have to end."

Daniel argues that the natural talents and aptitudes of students should be identified whilst at school. He wants to see vocational routes encouraged where this is appropriate rather than necessarily encouraging a Higher Education pathway. He also backs financial support for national apprenticeship schemes embedded in the workplace and for an increase in the focus of FE colleges on vocational training.

Daniel joined the Christian Peoples Alliance as he believes the other political parties do not offer a choice consistent with the Christian faith. His decision to stand for election is motivated by a desire to extend the choice of voters within South East Cambridgeshire and provide them with an opportunity to use their vote to support a Christian Democratic Party, underpinned by true Christian values.