ELECTION: Labour pledges fairer deal for residents at manifesto launch


ECDC - Credit: Archant

The East Cambridgeshire Labour group has promised to work for a fairer deal for residents if it takes power at the upcoming elections.

The group is fielding 30 candidates in the May 7 election and says it will ensure residents, and not developers, are the ones to benefit from the growth of housing in East Cambridgeshire.

The group also says it will prevent East Cambs from being “left behind as Cambridge and South Cambs benefit from the growth of technology businesses.”

The group said: “We will make sure local people, not developers, benefit from this growth by ensuring local facilities and services like housing, schools, health and transport are properly designed keep to pace with economic growth and improve the environment.”

Labour has promised to help Ely and the surrounding towns and villages to keep shops and services, while also vowing to create more facilities for small businesses to start up and grow.

Labour has also said it will “do the basics better” – including recycling, street cleaning and bin emptying.

The group said: “Labour councillors will be active, speaking out and working on issues of wider concern, such as overcrowding on trains, waiting times to see GPs, improving housing supply or tackling road safety.”