College launches new iPad scheme to aid student progress

Witchford Village College pupils iPads

Witchford Village College have launched a new iPad scheme for pupils after 91 per cent of parents voted in favour of the scheme. - Credit: Witchford Village College

An East Cambridgeshire college intends only the best in learning skills for its students. 

Witchford Village says as part of its continuous focus on raising attainment, and in order to narrow the digital divide between students,  it has launched a new 1:1 iPad scheme.

Following a recent survey of parents, where 91 per cent voted in favour of the introduction of the scheme, the school is providing every student with their own personal iPad.

Students will have these devices throughout the school day to aid in-classroom learning.

And they will also have the opportunity to take them home, having access to countless resources for all homework tasks.

Bessie Owen, Head of School, Witchford Village College, said: “Digital literacy is essential in the modern world.

"We have a responsibility to equip students with the skills they need to thrive."

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She said: "iPads provide an amazing opportunity for students and we are confident the scheme will enhance existing practice.

"They will also create additional learning opportunities in the classroom and at home, whilst improving digital literacy and developing student’s ability to collaborate and problem solve.”

The school says that as well  as providing opportunities to enhance students overall learning experience, the 1:1 iPad scheme has the potential to encourage students’ independence.

The school also says it will personalise learning, grow engagement in lessons and positively increase students’ attitudes to school.

Each iPad will be fully equipped with all of the relevant learning apps and required safety features, including a protective case and screen, so that parents can be confident that their children are able to work online safely in lessons and when at home.

Bessie Owen said: “For our scheme to work, we need to work together as a school community and generate enough funding to provide for all.

"We will be asking for a donation of £10 per month from parents for the time that their child is a student at Witchford Village College.

In return for supporting the scheme, we will ensure that every child that attends our school has a fully working iPad."

To make a donation please visit:!/DonationDetails.