Parents praise school for ‘impressive’ home learning during lockdown

Witchford Village College is amongst the schools praised by parents for their response to the third coronavirus lockdown. 

Witchford Village College is amongst the schools praised by parents for their response to the third coronavirus lockdown. - Credit: Eastern Learning Alliance 

Parents have praised a school for their “impressive” take on home schooling during the third coronavirus lockdown.  

With schools being forced shut by the Government, pupils have had to adapt to a new way of learning; virtually, at home, in front of a screen.  

Although they still get to see their friends, albeit via video call, students have faced a tough time throughout the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  

“I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to the Witchford teachers’ response to Lockdown #3,” said one parent about Witchford Village College.  

“The introduction of an online timetable has introduced focus and structure and I know Toby has responded well to this.  

“The focus on wellbeing during tutor time was also impressive and much needed given the news re exams and the uncertainty and anxiety this has caused.  

“It helped to open up conversations at home. I know that everyone is juggling and I know that teachers are going above and beyond during this time, whilst also balancing their own personal circumstances.  

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“So, a huge thank you to you and the team for all that you are and will continue to do.” 

The Eastern Learning Alliance, the trust Witchford Village College belongs to, have been working hard to ensure everyone can work from home.  

Lucy Scott, chief executive officer, said: “The way in which each school across our trust family has risen to the challenge of the latest lockdown is nothing short of heroic.  

“The feedback from parents praising both the collective and individual efforts of staff is fantastic to receive and I know it is going a long way to help motivate our staff as we all navigate the challenges of this time.  

“Across our entire community of students, staff and parents, the perseverance and positivity in the face of persistently challenging circumstances has made a significant difference in our abilities to continue to deliver the best possible education for our students.  

“We are confident that our approach to our remote learning timetable and the safety measures we have in place for those continuing face to face learning are providing our students with the best possible education the current circumstances allow, while keeping disruption to a minimum. 

“We are also thrilled that our efforts so far have been recognised by the Department for Education and, by request from the Regional Schools Commissioner, we have produced some short videos on how we have implemented the safety and remote learning requirements for our students.  

“Our hope is to share what has worked for us, so that it might help other schools at this difficult time.”