Burwell solar project acquired by major energy company

Site of Burwell solar farm

Site in Burwell where a solar farm will be built by the end of 2022, powering the equivalent of 9,500 homes. - Credit: AXIS

Energy company EDF Renewables has acquired Burwell’s large-scale solar project which was granted planning permission last summer.

The solar farm, which is adjacent to the National Grid’s Burwell substation, is expected to be built by 2022 and will power the equivalent of 9,500 homes.

In a press release announcing the news, EDF Renewables says it will work with communities to make sure they are aware of what is happening during the construction process.

It said: “Community benefit funds will be offered at each site in form of an annual £10k payment provided to the communities surrounding both solar farms to invest in local initiatives or people.

“Our goal is to support the local community during the development and over the operational life of our solar farms.”

It added further details about the funds will be announced in the coming months.

EDF Renewables also claims it will make “a number of biodiversity enhancement” at the site.

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“At Burwell, there will be more than a kilometre of new native species – rich hedgerows and new five-metre wide reedbeds will be created along the perimeter of the site,” the press release said.

Solar, as well as wind and battery storage are key areas of focus as the UK aims to reach its net zero target by 2050.

Burwell is one of two projects which EDF Renewables announced this morning [Monday] it has acquired. The second is in North Anglesey.

Mark Vyvyan-Robinson, the company's Onshore and Solar Director, said “We are very happy to be adding these two excellent new projects to our growing solar portfolio.

“EDF Renewables is an experienced developer and we are firmly committed to solar as a technology which will help us accelerate a net zero future where clean energy powers all our lives.”

He added: “Investments like these are also contributing to the UK’s green economic recovery from Covid-19.”

Burwell was acquired from AGR, a company which specialises in setting up various kinds of energy projects.

It was granted planning permission from East Cambridgeshire District Council in August 2020.

EDF Renewables is part of the EDF Group, which is aiming to double EDF’s renewable energy production by 2030.