'Polite and friendly' group praised by cops amid public concerns

East Cambs police visit group near Ely Cathedral

Neighbourhood police officers paid a visit to some members of a group in Ely after concerns were raised by members of the public. - Credit: Facebook/Policing East Cambridgeshire

Police officers have praised a group of “polite and friendly” people at the subject of concerns in Ely. 

Officers from the East Cambs neighbourhood policing team went to meet the group on Palace Green after receiving complaints from members of the public. 

Writing on the Policing East Cambridgeshire Facebook page, a spokesperson said: “Officers often stop to talk to them, and they always engage with us.  

“We understand your concerns but whenever we have engaged with them, they are doing no harm.” 

Many residents responded to the post, with some backing the police’s approach. 

One user said: “They are doing no harm; at least they are getting out, meeting people and not sitting at home alone.” 

Another wrote: “I've spoken to them a few times when I've been walking with my grandchildren; they are lovely and just want to talk.” 

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Others questioned the group’s behaviour in and around Ely.

But the police spokesperson said they are “polite and friendly to passers-by and when they have finished socialising, they always tidy (and sweep) up after themselves. 

“They all live on their own, so they decided that they would all meet up once a day for a bit of a social.” 

East Cambs police added they will continue to monitor the situation.