When 39 became 28 - and what happened to the former 39 members of East Cambridgeshire District Council

Here's what happened to the 39 former councillors at East Cambs Council. Picture: ARCHANT

Here's what happened to the 39 former councillors at East Cambs Council. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

An interesting perspective of East Cambs District Council and what happened to former councillors who did not stand, were not selected, were selected and won, were selected and lost.

Worth noting of course the former council had 39 members but was reorganised and now has only 28.

Councillor Allen Alderson DID NOT STAND

Councillor Michael Allan DID NOT STAND

Councillor Christine Ambrose Smith RETAINED HER SEAT

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Councillor David Ambrose Smith RETAINED HIS SEAT

Councillor Sue Austen RETAINED HER SEAT

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Councillor Anna Bailey RETAINED HER SEAT

Councillor Derrick Beckett LOST

Councillor Ian Bovingdon RETAINED HIS SEAT

Councillor Mike Bradley LOST

Councillor David Brown RETAINED HIS SEAT

Councillor David Chaplin DID NOT STAND

Councillor Steve Cheetham DID NOT STAND

Councillor Paul Cox DID NOT STAND

Councillor Peter Cresswell DID NOT STAND

Councillor Lorna Dupre RETAINED HER SEAT

Councillor Lavinia Edwards RETAINED HER SEAT

Councillor Lis Every RETAINED HER SEAT

Councillor Mark Goldsack LOST

Councillor Elaine Griffin-Singh DID NOT STAND

Councillor Coralie Green DID NOT STAND

Councillor Neil Hitchin DID NOT STAND

Councillor Richard Hobbs LOST

Councillor Julia Huffer RETAINED HER SEAT

Councillor Mark Hugo DID NOT STAND

Councillor Bill Hunt RETAINED HIS SEAT

Councillor Chris Morris DID NOT STAND

Councillor Andrew Pearson DID NOT STAND

Councillor Charles Roberts DID NOT STAND

Councillor Hamish Ross DID NOT STAND

Councillor Mike Rouse LOST

Councillor Dan Schumann RETAINED HIS SEAT

Councillor Joshua Schumann RETAINED HIS SEAT

Councillor Carol Sennitt LOST

Councillor Alan Sharp RETAINED HIS SEAT

Councillor Mathew Shuter LOST

Councillor Stuart Smith LOST

Councillor Lisa Stubbs RETAINED HER SEAT

Councillor Jo Webber RETAINED HER SEAT

Councillor Christine Whelan RETAINED HER SEAT

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