LETTER: Candidate’s comments about Paradise field ‘totally incorrect’ 

Cllr Anna Bailey, leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council

Cllr Anna Bailey, leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council - Credit: ECDC

The statement by City of Ely Council by-election candidate Rupert Moss-Eccardt in this week’s Ely Standard about Paradise field is totally incorrect.  

Mr Moss-Eccardt states “…the Conservatives running the district council have long been threatening the future of the Paradise field. We mustn’t allow it to be built on any further.” 

This is blatantly untrue – every blade of grass on Paradise field is sacred.  

There has never been any plan by the district council or any of its operations through the trading company or anywhere else to develop Paradise field.  

Conservatives at East Cambs have never and will never threaten the future of Paradise field.  

Both the council’s Local Plan and the older Ely Masterplan clearly protect Paradise field. 

The plan to build 13 flats on the former swimming pool site next door to Paradise field, which includes 4 £100k Homes reserved for local people, is totally within the footprint of the former swimming pool site and does not impinge on Paradise field in any way. 

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Mr Moss-Eccardt is either misinformed or he is deliberately misleading residents of Ely with his comments.  

I hope it is the former, in which case I am sure he will issue a correction and an apology. 

The forthcoming by-election has been caused by the non-attendance of Cllr Matt Downey for 6 months, which is a breach of the rules and is now costing Ely tax payers many thousands of pounds.  

I don’t live in Ely East ward and so I do not have a vote. 

But if I did, I would be looking for a candidate that is going to attend meetings, who will get stuck in and help to get things done, instead of someone that resorts to misinformation and silly game playing. 

Cllr Anna Bailey 

Leader of East Cambs District Council