Everything you need to know ahead of Census day 2021

Postman Laurence Bury sorting Census forms ready for delivery in 2011

Postman Laurence Bury sorting Census forms ready for delivery in 2011. This time it is hoped 75% of the forms will be completed online - Credit: ARCHANT

East Cambridgeshire District Council is reminding residents to take part in the Census ahead of Census day on March 21.

The census is a once-in-a-decade survey that gives an accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales and has taken place since 1801.

It will be the first census to be run predominantly online and households will receive a letter with a unique access code.

The code will allow them to complete the questionnaire on their computers, phones or tablets. 

For those people who are unable to complete the survey online, it is possible to request a paper copy.

Councillor Anna Bailey, Leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council, said it is "absolutely vital that every household in East Cambridgeshire takes part in the census this year.

"The information gathered will allow us to better understand the needs of the community and to plan and fund services.

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“The information you share during the census will be used by a variety of organisations and will not only impact your own lives, but the lives of everyone in the district and all of those living in England and Wales.

“Not completing the census or providing false information is actually a criminal offence but there are also serious real life implications for funding and service delivery in East Cambs.

"I urge everyone to take just 10 minutes out of their day to complete the survey.” 

While the census day isn’t until March 21, households are able to complete the survey ahead of time using the digital access code sent via the post.

The census will include questions about your gender, age, work, health, education, household size and ethnicity.

And, for the first time, there will be a question asking people whether they have served in the armed forces, as well as voluntary questions for those aged 16 and over on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Results will be available within 12 months, although personal records will be locked away for 100 years, kept safe for future generations.

For people unable to complete the census online, a paper copy can be requested online via https://census.gov.uk/en/request/paper-questionnaire/enter-address/

For more information or for help completing the census, visit www.census.gov.uk