East Cambridgeshire District Council election 2015: Two seats will be filled in Stretham ward

Top row, from left: Susie Fentiman, Bill Hunt and Fiona McKay-Rae. Bottom row: Dave Pitt and Charles

Top row, from left: Susie Fentiman, Bill Hunt and Fiona McKay-Rae. Bottom row: Dave Pitt and Charles Roberts. Missing from the line-up are Matthew Moore and Kelly Shiner. - Credit: Archant

Seven candidates have put themselves forward for election, with the Lib Dems, Conservatives, Labour and Green Party represented.

Susie Fentiman (Lib Dem)

She is mother to three grown-up children and was employed by a local East Anglian care organisation as a senior healthcare worker until her recent retirement.

Graduating from Sheffield University with a BSc in Physiology, she employed her knowledge at the University of Cambridge’s School of Veterinary Medicine, as a researcher studying the effect of anaesthetics.

She was clerk to the Stretham School governors before being appointed to become a governor – a position she has since relinquished.

Interested in all aspects of care for the elderly, she would like to see East Cambridgeshire’s Care & Repair organisation receive adequate funding to cater for the growing elderly population that will need support to live in their own homes.

In addition to care for the elderly, her other interests include health issues, schools and transport.

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Bill Hunt (Con)

Mr Hunt is a district and county councillor. His family attachment to Wilburton goes back to the 15th century.

He puts the welfare of his villages first, second and third. Everyone that knows Mr Hunt understands he is never afraid to speak up for what is right.

He was influential in the ‘Say No to Mereham’ campaign and stood against car parking charges in Ely.

He recently secured the funding for the hourly Ely Zipper bus serving the villages and Ely.

He very much hopes to continue his work after the election on May 7.

Fiona McKay-Rae (Lib Dem)

Declined to supply a biography.

Matthew Moore (Lab)

Mr Moore grew up in Cambridgeshire studying at Sawston Village College. He has worked at CBS Office Supplies and One Stop Somersham.

Dave Pitt (Green)

Mr Pitt is standing for the Green Party because he believes that we have a responsibility to create a fair and equal society that benefits everyone.

A society that cares for the environment, and does everything it can to live in harmony with it.

He believes the green parties policies will help develop a better future for our nation, and our planet.

Charles Roberts (Con)

Mr Roberts is district councillor for the ward. Having been born and brought up in Stretham, he has a strong attachment to his local area and is passionate about keeping it special.

Mr Roberts is chairman of Stretham Parish Council and is heavily involved in many community events, having introduced the Stretham Farmers’ Market and leading on the innovative Stretham & Wilburton Community Land Trust, which he passionately believes in.

He said: “I am excited to see the Land trust homes in Stretham becoming a reality – through the CLT we are going to deliver truly affordable homes, by local people, for local people.”

Kelly Shiner (Lab)

Miss Shiner is a carer and lives with her partner. She enjoys walking the dog.