Clang for climate this weekend to mark COP26 summit

East Cambs people will be 'clanging for climate’ at 6pm on Saturday October 30 to mark the COP26 climate summit.

People in East Cambridgeshire will be 'clanging for climate’ for 10 minutes at 6pm on Saturday October 30 as leaders gather for the COP26 climate summit. - Credit: CLANG FOR CLIMATE

Residents of East Cambridgeshire are being encouraged to get their pots and pans out to make noise about climate change this weekend.

It comes as people across the UK will be 'clanging for climate’ for 10 minutes at 6pm on Saturday October 30 as leaders gather in Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit.

The aim of the action, which is taking place in communities around the country, is to send a message, using pots, pans, buckets or bells.

The event draws inspiration from Greta Thunberg’s words: 'I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it is.' 

It also draws on a long history of communities using pots and pans as a means of protesting or raising the alarm, from Spain and Argentina to Canada and Iceland.

Rod Hart, who is helping to plan the event in East Cambs, said: “We’ve all seen the scenes of terrible fires and floods in the past few months, everywhere from California to Siberia.

"The world is accelerating towards complete climate breakdown, and the emissions that are causing this are not falling but continuing to rise.

"Now is the time for all of us to demand urgent action from our leaders."

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Some people will be taking part in the event in groups in town and city centres while others will be banging pots and pans from their doorsteps.

People planning to take part from their doorsteps are encouraged to let their neighbours know in advance what is happening and why.