Six years behind bars for drug offences - but Cyrus Nazak faces even longer if he fails to surrender hidden assets

Cyrus Kazak, jailed in 2014 for drug offences. But now facing longer in prison if he fails to tell p

Cyrus Kazak, jailed in 2014 for drug offences. But now facing longer in prison if he fails to tell police about money he has stashed away. - Credit: Archant

A jailed drug dealer who sold cocaine and ecstasy across Cambridgeshire could return to prison unless he comes clean about how much money he stashed away.

Cyrus Kazak, 56, of Woodpecker Way, Waterbeach, was jailed for 12-and-a-half years in February 2014 for his role in a gang based in Cambridgeshire that supplied high purity drugs to other gangs across three counties.

Kazak was also subject to a confiscation order to recover the benefit of his criminal activity, thought to be worth £621,000. At the time his assets were valued at £65,200.

Nick Bentley, the enforcement officer in charge of the case, said: “Despite Kazak’s assets initially being valued at £65,000 we have been able to prove he had a significant amount within a pension fund and in a property.

“He’ll now have to pay back the value of these assets or face a further year in prison.”

Kazak was arrested during a series of dawn raids in April 2012.

Operation Vanguard involved more than 250 officers carrying out warrants under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

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Kazak pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine, supplying cocaine and possession of ecstasy with intent to supply.

Judge Tayton said Kazak, who received nine-year sentences to run concurrently with each other and with the main jail term, would have been jailed for 18 years but was given credit for an earlier guilty plea.

Dealers regularly sent couriers to deal drugs with Kazak. The Northamptonshire-based group would prepare the drugs to a lesser purity for onward supply to others including another criminal group operating from Hampshire. Using the Proceeds of Crime Act, financial investigators were able to revisit the initial order if Kazak was found to have acquired any new assets.

Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU) Asset Confiscation Enforcement team (ACE), established that Kazak had a pension policy and equity within a property.

At Northampton Crown Court last Thursday, the original order was increased by £253,265.49. If Kazak doesn’t pay he faces imprisonment for a further year.

Mr Benley, ACE team manager, said: “Law enforcement work tirelessly to apprehend these dangerous individuals: we do whatever we can to make sure they have in no way benefitted.”