Drivers clocked speeding in Ely Road area

Drivers stopped by special constables for speeding in Ely Road.

Drivers stopped by special constables for speeding in Ely Road. - Credit: Archant

Special Constables from Ely, Tom Howard and Mark Gillibrand, clocked two drivers on Ely Road, between Ely and Littleport driving at 43 and 48mph in a 30mph zone this week.

Both drivers were pulled over and received Traffic Offence Reports which could result in a fine or a court appearance - which may include a driving ban.

On Ely Road in Little Downham, two more drivers were stopped - travelling at 36mph and 38 mph in a 30mph zone. Both drivers were accelerating prematurely towards the 60 mph area.

Special Constable Howard said: “Drivers ought to be lowering speeds before they enter the 30mph zones, and they should wait for the de-restriction signs before they put their foot down again.

“The 30mph areas are the most dangerous zones with regard to vehicle versus pedestrian collisions - and where such accidents happen it is almost always in a built up area.

“A collision between a pedestrian and car at 30mph is a 50/50 survival rate. 40mph is usually fatal.”

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