Donations from diocese help pastors get mobile

Celestin Nzabamwita, from Nkoto parish.

Celestin Nzabamwita, from Nkoto parish. - Credit: Archant

Donations from the Diocese of Ely has helped support the Bikes for Pastors project in the Diocese of Kigali, in Rwanda.

To date, money for 10 bicycles has been raised and sent to Kigali as a sign of the friendship between the dioceses.

One of the lay pastors to benefit is Celestin Nzabamwita, from Nkoto parish. Having access to his own transport means that his journey to church from home will now only take him 15 minutes instead on an hour by foot.

Rev Richard Kellow, Kigali link coordinator, said: “Pastors, both lay and ordained, in Rwanda have been at the forefront of the everyday task of rebuilding Rwanda since the 1994 genocide through prayer, and engagement with their local communities in both spiritual and practical ways.

“The Bikes for Pastors project is a very tangible and practical way for us to express our growing friendship with our friends in Kigali, as we support our brothers and sisters in ministry and mission.”

Ely Diocese is continuing to support this project. If you or your parish would like to donate, please make your cheque out to Ely DBF, and send to the mission department at the diocesan office. Each bicycle costs between £70-£90.