READER’S LETTER: Trump is spot on to call COVID-19 the ‘Chinese virus’

US president Donald Trump. Pic: Steffan Rousseau/PA Wire.

US president Donald Trump. Pic: Steffan Rousseau/PA Wire. - Credit: Archant

Donald trump was recently lambasted for referring to the “Chinese virus” but he was spot on. He is not a racist and speaks the truth. The Chinese were well aware of the possible consequences but chose to ignore it.

They even forced the scientists to close down and banned further experiments, refused further tests and destroyed samples.

The Chinese originally claimed this virus was caused by bats who passed it onto snakes and finally infecting humans, presumably hoping to be exonerated from blame.

This was nothing but a load of lying garbage! Bats and snakes were certainly involved, along with many other wild animals, but only because they were being consumed by people at wet markets, often uncooked, with blood splattering everywhere, with no hygiene measures in place, which led to rampant cross contamination. Hence infection appeared (what a surprise!)

Their ironically named ‘Wild Life Protection Law 2018’ gave no protection whatsoever and merely made things worse by encouraging more breeding, thus providing extra “wet food” and viruses flourished.

This is exactly what happened with the SARS outbreak. Had China acted more responsibly then the current coronavirusCovid19 pandemic would probably have produced up to 95 per cent less global victims.

So the Chinese authorities were fully aware of the potential hazards associated with wet markets about two years ago and did absolutely nothing to stop it.

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In all liklihood they would never have admitted this time if they could have got away with it.

Their government cannot be trusted and I believe we should avoid adopting their G5 Haweii technology.