Dog mess is blighting village, say mums

A GROUP of Littleport mums say they have had enough of feckless dog owners allowing their pets to foul the pavements.

The group, led by Joanne Oxley and Laura MacDonald, say the streets around the village’s two schools, Littleport Primary and Millfield Primary, are regularly fouled by dogs and they are worried about the health consequences for the school children.

The mums say the council have acted to tackle the problem but are struggling to keep up with the offenders, with fresh mess on the streets hours after a clean-up is carried out.

Ms Oxley, said: “You can hardly walk around Littleport for the amount of dog waste around the village. We have been in regular contact with the council and they have been out to clear it up but it doesn’t seem to get any better.

“We are really worried about the possible health effects on the children if it gets on their hands or in their eyes. It is getting beyond a joke and each day it seems to be getting worse.”

Ms Oxley added that there were up to 50 mums who had lent their support to the appeal and she called on dog owners around the village to do their bit.

Dog waste contains a number of bacteria including Campylobacter and Salmonella as well as infections caused by the roundworm Toxocara canis.

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The fine for failing to pick up dog mess is a �50 fixed penalty, which can rise to �1,000 for persistent offenders.

Dave White, waste strategy team leader at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “Dog fouling is socially unacceptable which is why we need to tackle it, especially now. With more than 200 dog bins around the district there is little excuse for anyone not to pick up their dog’s waste.

“In Littleport, we are working together with local residents who feel that their lives are blighted by the actions of others. In conjunction with local people we will be stepping up patrols.

“We are also encouraging anyone who sees dog walkers not clearing up after their pets to get in touch with us, and provide details of the person responsible & where and when the fouling is happening.”