Dickens celebrated at Ely Rotary Club’s themed evening

WORKS of the great writer Charles Dickens were brought to life by members of Ely Rotary Club at the weekend as they held their Dickens Night.

Months of work and countless man hours went in to hosting Saturday’s evening of entertainment at the Witchford Pavillion, there was plenty of carefully reseearched food and wine garish, Dickens-era dress and rounds of hearty singing.

Rotarian Gillian Brady designed and made four Curiosity Shop shop fronts showing 19th Century wares inside, and boxes around the wall of the light fittings throwing the light upwards to the ceiling for subdued effect, and with shop names painted by Richard Halsall.

Guests were greeted at the door by Mike Copping as Mr Bumble the Beadle and a glass of mulled wine, and entertainment started at 7pm

All the participants and most of the guests were dressed in an array of Dickens costume, which finalised the evening’s atmosphere.