Des Res in Ely for Sale but it’s only Five Feet High

A THREE story furnished home in Ely is up for sale, complete with exquisite hand-made furniture and a well tended garden.

Viewings of this most desirable residence are very welcome - but unfortunately the property would only be a dream home for a family of dolls.

The beautifully made dolls house has been donated to St Mary’s Church, and the church is now offering this craft made dolls house for sale, to raise funds for a couple of building projects.

Jane Mitchell from St Mary’s said: “The dolls house has been lovingly made over many years; but the anonymous donor cannot accommodate it in their new home.”

Jane says the beautifully detailed dolls house, which stands around five feet high, is not suitable for children under the age of 14, because of its fragile and intricate nature.

“Ideally we would like it to go to a place where people could use and enjoy it,” she said. “Perhaps it could go to a care home, or someone could buy it for their personal use. We really want it to be enjoyed. It is not an antique and is furnished as a family home, rather than a period property.”

The house has two storeys plus an attic room. “Every minute detail is included, from framed pictures on the wall to curtains and soft furnishings. The furniture is also hand made; there is everything from sofas and a TV, to a nursery full of toys, a rocking horse, and nursery chair,” added Jane.

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In the garden, there are shrubs and tiny people, along with a gazebo, a rabbit hutch and even a garden shed filled with tiny tools.

Jane added: “Photos are available, it is just like looking at pictures in an estate agent’s window. And like an estate agent, we would welcome anyone who wants to view this amazing property before they make an offer.”

For more information, or to make an offer for the dolls house, or book a viewing, contact Jane at St Mary’s Church office, on 01353 659550.