Derelict farm buildings could undergo transformation


ECDC - Credit: Archant

A group of derelict farm buildings in Ely’s historic Waterside could be converted into houses under plans submitted to East Cambridgeshire District Council.

The former farm buildings, between numbers 47 and 51 Waterside, form a key part of Ely’s riverside area and overlook Lavender Green.

While some of the farm buildings that make up the site – which measures more than half an acre - will need to be pulled down, the applicants say that three of the buildings are worth saving and restoring for housing.

Agents acting for the applicants, Andrew Fleet, said: “The site is surrounded by a mix of residential and commercial premises and is deemed to be a key site on the river frontage, being adjacent to the riverside walk and large green open space.

“We are of the opinion that our proposals are well screened from Waterside. The proposals involve the conversion of three existing buildings along with sympathetic additions.

“We are of the opinion the proposals by nature of the conversions and minimal additions will have no impact on any significant heritage asset, and will bring are redundant, unsightly site into good use.

“We would argue that the proposals by nature of there intended rejuvenation of this area would have a positive impact on the Conservation Area and any heritage asset in the vicinity.”

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Both the Ely Society and the City of Ely Council have given their backing to the plans but some neighbours of the buildings have expressed concern about the impact of building work on other historic properties in the area.

One told the council: “It is only a track between the three houses leading down to the site and it is in very poor condition.

“We are worried that heavy lorries carrying equipment and building materials will cause it to deteriorate even further which could affect the foundations of these properties which are over 300 years old.”

A decision on the plans is expected within the next weight weeks. To view the plans, or to have a say, visit