David flies the flag for Ely

THEY say a volunteer is worth ten pressed men - so the City of Ely Council were thrilled to discover that butcher David Bent was very happy to take charge of putting up various flags on the new Market Place flag pole.

And David certainly had a very busy couple of weeks recently - putting the Union Flag up for the Royal Wedding and the Queen’s birthday, and raising St George’s flag on St George’s Day.

Mayor Brian Ashton said: “The council was absolutely delighted when David volunteered to raise and lower the flag on all relevant occasions.

“I am sure the people of Ely will be equally delighted to see the Union Flag and other flags flying over the Market Place”

David, who is a partner in Bent and Cornwell butchers shop on the Market Place, said: “The plan for a flag pole was first put forward about 18 months ago, and I thought it was a brilliant idea.

“Councillors were worried about finding someone to raise and lower the flags, and I was happy to do it; I am working just 50 metres away.”

So far, David has charge of just two flags, the city’s Union Flag and St George’s flag. But he says: “It would be nice to have a city flag to fly in the future.”

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David has been provided with a list of dates when a flag must be flown.

“It has been very interesting finding out which flag should be flown and when,” added David, who is also the centre manager for the new scout hall in St John’s Road in Ely. “I am very happy to serve the city in this way.”