Daughter's plea to support mother battling Covid-19 raises over £2,800

Cottenham woman with mum in hospital Covid

Mina Bux with her mother Ayesha in hospital, who is battling Covid-19. - Credit: Family

A woman whose mother’s house got broken into while battling Covid-19 in hospital has raised over £2,800 in under 24 hours. 

Mina Bux of Cottenham launched a fundraiser on February 4 for her mother Ayesha who was admitted to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge on December 29 after developing a cough, loss of taste and smell and breathing difficulties. 

“Two days after being admitted, the doctors noticed my mother's breathing deteriorate and quickly put her on a ventilator,” Mina said.  

“On January 9, mum scared us by fevering to 42 degrees, which is damaging for a person's body.” 

Cottenham woman launches plea for mum

Mina Bux and mother Ayesha, who was admitted to Addenbrooke's Hospital with Covid-19 in December 2020. - Credit: Family

Four days after Ayesha, a finance assistant at the University of Cambridge, had a tracheostomy on January 18, doctors found she was not waking up and was in a coma. 

A day later, her house was burgled. 

“I came home to my mum’s house in the evening, waiting for news from the doctor and when I came back, the car was missing,” Mina recalled.  

Cottenham daughter with mother

Mina with her mother Ayesha during her childhood. - Credit: Family

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“I called police. I went into the house and the back door was smashed, mum’s room had been destroyed, jewellery and money were taken.  

“Police then managed to track the car down but couldn’t find the people who took it. We got the car and jewellery back.” 

Although initial scans did not identify why Ayesha went into a coma, a neurological doctor then found that the virus had spread to her brain and is now unable to move her legs, arms, or obey commands. 

Cottenham woman with mother battling Covid

Mina (right) with her mother Ayesha. - Credit: Family

Mina said there is no cure for this, adding to the uncertainty she already feels. 

“It has been a rollercoaster. Every day, I phone the doctor to find out if mum is okay,” she said. 

“Doctors have no cure to fix what is going on. They are treading in unknown waters, finding the cure for this rare condition.” 

Mina still feels optimistic after doctors said that they are confident Ayesha will be able to recover. 

If Ayesha does come home, she will not be able to return to work and adaptations in the house will have to be made, and Mina is grateful for the support she has already received. 

"The money donated will be put towards keeping the house going, adapting the house to accommodate care for when mum comes home,” she said. 

“The feeling at the moment is a lot of uncertainty, but doctors have said mum has managed to pull through every big hurdle and are confident she will make some sort of recovery.” 

To donate, visit: https://bit.ly/3oRNBxm.