Dad calls on Soham dog owners to scoop the poop

A SOHAM dad is calling on dog owners to clear up their pet’s mess, after he and his two young children were forced to dodge piles of faeces left by inconsiderate pet owners as they walked to school.

Mark Boughen wants dog owners who fail to scoop the poop to be given an ASBO - an anti social behaviour order - or banned from keeping pets.

When the Weatheralls School re-opened on Tuesday, Mark and his children had to side step four piles of dog mess during their five minute walk to the Pratt Street site.

He said: “On the journey back, 15 minutes later, a further two piles had appeared. One was directly outside the back gate of the school where it is likely to do the most damage. I can’t think of a worse place to let dogs mess on the pavement.

“I’m not sure if this is a deliberate act of ignorance by one dog walker or a combined attack by a guerilla movement of rebel dog walkers bent on undermining the happiness and sanity of those doing the school run.

“I’m not sure what level of pleasure they achieve from having children and adults walk through their dog’s mess but they should be handed an ASBO or be banned from keeping pets.”

Mark says his family have encountered dog mess problems for more than six months.

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“On one occasion I had to turn round and take my son home again, to hose him down. That was very upsetting for him,” added Mark. “I accept this is the action of only a very small minority of dog owners, but this level of ignorance is simply inexcusable.

“Cleaning up after one dog has to be much less of an inconvenience than multiple parents having to clean their children’s shoes.”