Cycling group calls for HGV ban if straw plant plans are approved

How the proposed straw pellet plant could look.

How the proposed straw pellet plant could look. - Credit: Archant

A cycling campaign group says it is “concerned” about the potential increase in HGV traffic a planned straw pellet plant could bring.

The Ely Cycling Campaign has called on East Cambridgeshire District Council to ban HGVs travelling through the centre of Ely and Queen Adelaide – with the exception of deliveries – if the proposed plant is approved.

In consultation with the council, Michael Gruenberger, treasurer of the group, said: “We at Ely Cycling Campaign are very concerned by the increase of HGV traffic this

development will bring. HGVs delivering to this plant should not be allowed to go through Ely and Queen Adelaide and they should instead be required to use the southern route to the A142.

“We therefore ask that the council introduces a formal ban on HGV traffic except for

deliveries on all roads in the centre of Ely and Queen Adelaide and especially on Cam Drive, Lynn Road and King’s Avenue.”

Plans were submitted for the plant late last month by Pelco and could see thousands of tonnes of straw converted into fuel for homes and businesses.

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Pelco applied to the district council the build the plant in Queen Adelaide, near the Potter Group facility.

The company says that, over the course of a year, the plant will process around 150,000 tonnes of wheat and oil seed rape straw gathered from farms within a 50-mile radius.

Baled straw would be delivered by road from farms, before being converted into pellets and transported by rail to renewable energy plants across the region.

A decision on the plans is expected within the next eight weeks. To view the plans, or to have a say, visit