Returning regulars and new customers have helped independent hair salon to bounce back after Covid-19 lockdown

Returning regulars and a flurry of new customers has helped one independent hair salon in Soham to bounce back despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Clare Coulson, who owns Cutting Edge Hair Salon, said that although “it was pretty rough” when we were closed for 16 weeks - “we had no money coming in at all” - things have since picked up.

“Since we opened its been pretty good because we’re quite busy and we have lots of new customers.”

She added that one thing that’s helped is all of the new houses that are being built in Soham.

“We just keep getting new customers every day, which is really good for business.”

Local regulars have also been returning, she said, adding that some days they have needed to stay open later some nights because they are so busy.

“We’ve had to stay later to accommodate people – and keep them separate - because we can’t have so many people in here all at once now.”

She said she has found it quite easy to adapt, having implemented Covid-19 safety measures including plastic screens between chairs to ensure distancing between customers.

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“There’s lots more washing, too because we have to wash all the gowns between customers.

“And there’s also lots more sanitising, but we just allow time for it in-between.”

While the salon remained closed, Clare and her hairdresser colleague - who are both self-employed – accessed government support which proved helpful during the closure. Looking ahead to the future she said “I’m hopeful that we don’t get shut down again. I’m hoping that all the local people all seem to be doing the right thing, so hopefully we’ll keep open.”

But, if there was to be another national lockdown, she feels more prepared second time round.

“I’m not so worried because I know I coped last time.”