Cutlacks Ely gives front window to community first responder groups to display information


Cutlacks in Ely has given its front window to local community first responder groups so they can display information about what it takes to become a CFR and what the role entails.


Community first responders attend incidents sent to them via the East Anglian Ambulance service on a voluntary basis.

They are dispatched to emergencies where instant medical attention can make a crucial difference to the outcome of the patient.

Public donations can also be made at Cutlacks in order for the charity to purchase up to date equipment and fund the medical bags which community first responders carry with them.

The cost of one bag can run into thousands as one of the main requirements is a defibrillator amongst other items.


Some groups share these medical bags due to the cost of providing each community first responder with their own.

Cutlacks is on 19-21 Fore Hill, CB7 4AA.