Cruse Bereavement Care urgently seeking Ely people to join ‘worthwhile and rewarding’ training course

Cruse Bereavement Care are urgently seeking volunteers from Ely

Cruse Bereavement Care are urgently seeking volunteers from Ely - Credit: Archant

Cambridge Cruse Bereavement Care is urgently searching for more Ely volunteers.

The group is looking for more recruits to join its Awareness in Bereavement Care course.

The course consists of 48 hours contact time training and at least 12 hours personal study.

Each student is required to assemble a portfolio of written work which is assessed by the trainers.

The course is suitable for people who are considering applying to train to work with Cruse, professionals who encounter bereavement in their work, students on counselling courses wishing to study bereavement in more depth and people who wish for personal reasons to understand the bereavement process further.

Margaret Nimmo-Smith, chair client services, said: “This is very worthwhile and rewarding work and urgently needed as we have an increasing demand for bereavement support in the Ely area.”

A previous trainee described it as “a life-changing experience in a supportive atmosphere helped me to understand the process of bereavement and to develop the practical skills needed to work with the bereaved.”

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The course, which is 40 hours long, starts in The Olive Tree, Ely, on Saturday October 10 and finishes in January next year.

The full cost of the course is £200, but bursaries are available for those who experience a low income.

Lessons will take place on Monday’s from 6.30-9.30pm and some Saturdays from 9.30am-4.30pm.

If interested in joining the course, contact the Cruse office on 01223 302662 or for further details.