Burglar wakes and violently attacks victim to steal her phone

Leon Stowe

Leon Stowe jailed for violent burglary - Credit: Cambs Police

 A burglar woke and punched a 23-year-old woman, then dragged her across a floor as she woke screaming.  

The terrified woman was hit around in the head and body and desperately tried to defend herself, a court heard.  

The burglar was trying to steal her mobile phone.  

Leon Stowe broke into a property in Harvey Road, Cambridge at around 6am on September 2, 2019. 

He climbed on top of his then 23-year-old victim, punching her in the face, head and body before dragging her across the floor as she woke up screaming and attempted to defend herself. 

Stowe, 20, then ran from the property with her iPhone X but left behind multiple traces of his DNA. 

Detectives were able to prove Stowe was responsible for the crime after his DNA was found under his victim’s fingernails. 

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It was also found on a pair of underpants and a knife he’d left in her room and on a wheelie bin down the road where he’d discarded the clothes he was wearing. 

Officers were also able to link him to two other burglaries and an attempted burglary on the same night at three other properties along the same road. 

At Cambridge Crown Court on Friday (November 19), Stowe, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to six years in prison after previously pleading guilty to aggravated burglary, two counts of burglary and an attempted burglary. 

Detective Constable Lisa Bacon said: “Stowe is a dangerous, prolific offender who is willing to use violence towards anyone who crosses his path. 

“We hope this sentence provides some closure for the victim who suffered not just physical injuries but lasting psychological effects.”