Teen rape case prompts city market safety review

Cambridge city market where a teenager says she was raped at night. 

Cambridge city market where a teenager says she was raped at night. - Credit: Hannah Brown

Cambridge City Council is looking to make Market Square safer following an alleged rape of a teenager. 

A woman in her late teens was attacked in Market Square in the early hours of October 13. 

Police arrested a 32-year-old man on suspicion of rape the following day. He was released on bail until November 9. 

Councillor Rosy Moore, the executive councillor for climate change, environment and city centre, said a project is being worked on to improve lighting in Market Square. 

She said: “I was very upset and disturbed that a young woman was seriously sexually assaulted in the Market Square last week. 

“I also wish to send my thoughts and best wishes to those other victims of sexual assault in the city whose cases may not be so widely known.” 

She said there was a review into how the night time economy is managed across the city.  

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“In terms of the Market Square we have a project to renovate and update the square and the market,” she said.  

“This includes new lighting and new market stalls which will improve the safety of the square at night.”