Two men arrested over suspected child exploitation case in Cambs

An arrest (File picture)

Cambridgeshire Constabulary has made two arrests after an allegation of child exploitation at an undisclosed location in the county (File picture) - Credit: PA

Two men in their 20s have been arrested after an allegation of child sexual exploitation in Cambridgeshire.

Police officers in the county arrested the men, who are from an undisclosed location, after fears that a teenage girl was receiving drugs and could be being exploited sexually.

The alarm was raised by another teenage girl, who raised concerns that her friend was meeting up with older men.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary said that the men have been released under investigation.

A spokesperson said: "We would like to thank a teenage girl for raising concerns that her friend could be being exploited.

"The teenager shared concerns that her friend, who lives in Cambridgeshire, was meeting up with older men, possibly receiving drugs and could be being exploited sexually."

Cambridgeshire Constabulary shared the story on Child Exploitation Awareness Day (Friday March 18).

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A police spokesperson said: "Sexual exploitation of children can start through the use of technology, without them immediately realising.

"For example, they might be persuaded to post images on the internet or via mobile phone without immediate payment or personal gain.

"Violence, coercion and intimidation are common, with a particular vulnerability of the child or young person being used against them.

"This can make the young person feel as though they have no choice but to continue the relationship."

The spokesperson added that in all child sexual exploitation cases, the perpetrator is able to create the impression of authority over them in some form.

They could use their age, economic situation or physical strength to create the impression of authority.

The county police force has urged parents to look out for warning signs, such as physical injuries, misuse of drugs or alcohol, involvement in offending, or emotional distance from family members.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary has said that there are multiple ways to raise the alarm.

Friends or family of a suspected victim in Cambridgeshire can contact the police on 101 or visit a police station in person.

They can make a report to the safeguarding children team at their local council, such as Cambridgeshire County Council or Peterborough City Council.

They can also look for support via the NSPCC: