Spat at police officer tests positive for Covid-19

police officer

Cambridgeshire police officer tests positive for Covid-19 after being spat at in Soham by a suspect who claimed to have the virus. - Credit: CAMBS CONSTABULARY

A Cambridgeshire police officer tested positive for Covid-19 after they were spat at by a suspect who claimed to have the virus.

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The officer was attending an incident in Brewhouse Lane, Soham at about midnight on January 6 where there was "concern for a person".

The suspect was arrested and given a conditional caution.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary's Chief Constable Nick Dean said he was "disgusted" to hear of the incident.

He added that, although the officer's infection could not be directly linked to what happened, it "puts into perspective the dangerous nature of policing".

Cambridgeshire Police Federation chairwoman Liz Groom added that "it seems a bit of a weapon to some people - it's that extra threat 'I've got coronavirus' and then they spit.

"You can imagine the stress and the anxiety that causes the officer and also their family.

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"The officers have families at home and what they don't want to do is go home and infect their family as well."

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