Girl, 7, left heartbroken after beloved rabbits are stolen

Rabbits stolen from Soham home

Lucky (main picture) and Fluffy (inset) were two of the rabbits stolen from a home in Soham between May 15 and May 16. - Credit: Tiffany Toynton

A mother has described how her seven-year-old daughter has been left heartbroken after her rabbits which she has owned since the first Covid lockdown were stolen. 

Tiffany Toynton’s daughter had taken care of rabbits Fluffy, Ruby and Lucky at their home in Soham before noticing one of their hutch runs was left open on Monday morning. 

“I woke up and looked out the kitchen window at around 7.50am while I was getting my child ready for school,” said Tiffany. 

“Two hutches were left open, but one was closed up.” 

Tiffany thinks mother and father Ruby, a Netherland Dwarf and Fluffy, a Holland Lop, were taken as well as baby Lucky between 9pm on May 15 and 6am on May 16. 

Ruby the rabbit stolen from Soham

Ruby, who is around two-years-old, was stolen during the theft at a home in Soham. - Credit: Tiffany Toynton

Both Ruby and Fluffy are around two-years-old while Lucky is just one-and-a-half years old. 

“We struggled to get hold of them at times as they scratched and clawed, so how they (the suspects) managed to get mum and baby without getting scratched I do not know,” Tiffany said. 

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“In one of the hutches, there was some food packaging that said ‘vegetarian society, vegan approved’, which is very weird. 

“I cleaned the hutches on Sunday but I don’t know if the people responsible for the theft are animal rights activists.” 

Lucky the rabbit stolen from Soham home

Lucky, who is a baby rabbit, was stolen from a home in Soham which has left its owner devastated. - Credit: Tiffany Toynton

The theft has left Tiffany’s daughter, who started taking care of the rabbits as something to enjoy during lockdown, upset and not eating well. 

In fact, it has left her and the family feeling devastated. 

“It is heart-breaking,” said Tiffany. 

Fluffy the rabbit stolen from Soham

Fluffy the rabbit was also stolen from the same home in Soham during the theft. - Credit: Tiffany Toynton

"It’s like we have lost a family member. My daughter is not eating and does not want to do anything. 

“It is devastating for us all.” 

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson said no suspects have been identified so far and an investigation is ongoing. 

Tiffany posted an appeal on Facebook to help track down those responsible, but despite this, she is not optimistic that the rabbits will return. 

“I would not like to say what they have done to them,” she added. 

“Rabbits mean much more than what they cost us. It’s not the value of the rabbits, but the sentimental value.” 

If you know any more details on the theft, call 101 or report to Cambridgeshire Police at: quoting crime reference number 35/34178/22.