‘Drunken rage’ man attacked police after smashing up laundrette

A man launched a drink-fuelled attack on police officers after damaging this laundrette on Soham High Street in November...

A man launched a drink-fuelled attack on police officers after damaging this laundrette on Soham High Street in November 2019. - Credit: Google Maps 

A man who damaged a laundrette before assaulting two police officers while in a “drunken rage” following refusal from a betting shop has been jailed.  

Spencer James, of Harrow Road, Wembley, London, walked into Ladbrokes betting shop in Soham High Street at 2pm on November 15, 2019. 

The 43-year-old, who was carrying a lot of bags and a can of beer, loitered inside the shop for a while and plugged his phone into the wall to charge. 

He was challenged by a member of staff who asked him to leave as he couldn’t allow alcohol on the premises. 

James did so, but left various belongings and his phone behind. He then went into a launderette two doors down before returning to the betting shop again. 

He approached the same staff member and asked to make a bet, but was slurring his words and was asked to leave. 

James visited the launderette for a second time but was followed by the betting shop staff member with the items he had left behind. 

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The staff member asked James not to visit the betting shop again as he was drunk.  

James became annoyed and due to his aggressive behaviour police were called by two members of the public in the launderette. 

The two people left the launderette but held the door closed from outside as they called police. In an effort to get out, James kicked the door to the launderette which damaged the glass. 

James was taken to Parkside Police Station in Cambridge and while being booked into custody, he became frustrated and walked into an interview rooms. 

He was followed by two officers who asked him to return to the custody desk but James refused to move, began yelling and had to be held by the arms. 

In an effort to get free, James jerked his arms upwards, forcing one of the officers against a wall, and pushed the other officer away. 

Other officers arrived to help and James was taken to a custody cell. 

In interview he denied the assaults but admitted, and later pleaded guilty to, criminal damage by kicking the door of the launderette. 

However, he pleaded guilty to two counts of assault by beating of an emergency worker on the day his trial was due to begin at Cambridge Crown Court on Monday (February 8), and was handed a total of 30 weeks in prison. 

PC Rachel Burnett, who investigated, said: “James’s actions on the day of this incident were unacceptable. 

“Our officers and other emergency workers deserve to do their job without being subjected to violence.  

“We take incidents of this nature incredibly seriously and will do all we can to bring offenders before the courts.”